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Are you in DC tomorrow? Join us for the 4th annual 6k Walk for Water at 11:45 AM, as part of the Department of State’s Earth Day celebrations.

The event will kick off outside the Department’s 21st Street entrance and the Embassy of Sweden will host a water break at the halfway point water break, where walkers will hear from experts from the World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and WASH Advocates about water issues from around the world.

This event is open to the public and you can sign up at To read more about the event on DipNote!


The new exhibit, Congress and the War of 1812, Part 1, at the Capitol Visitor Center is on display until October 2014. We’ll post highlights from the new exhibit all week.

“The Star-Spangled Banner,” a song based on a poem by Francis Scott Key, was inspired by the American flag during the War of 1812. In April 1930 the House of Representatives passed the bill introduced by Representative John Linthicum of Maryland to make “The Star-Spangled Banner” the nation’s anthem. Despite critics who disliked the melody or felt the law unnecessary, the Senate passed the bill the following year, and President Herbert Hoover signed it into law on March 2, 1931.

H.R. 14, To Make The Star-Spangled Banner the National Anthem of the United States of America, 4/21/1930, Records of the U.S. Senate, National Archives and Records Administration




There was a split second there where his like, “wait, what? bro what are you doing?” 

On more serious note, PTSD dogs for veterans are so fucking therapeutic. They’re like the one person you can spill your guts to and never worry about ever being judged or have that secret divulged. There are times when I definitely prefer the company of a dog over a human. 

Therapy animals save lives.

These dogs are even still so much more amazing. They check rooms before their handler enters, so they can clear it to help the person feel safe. Like in the gif, they are there when panic attacks or nightmares occur, to be something for the person to help ground themselves on, or yes just to turn on the lights. Even more amazing, many people are able to reduce their medication when they have a PTSD service dog there to help them. These dogs are useful for not just veterans, but also victims of abuse, accident trauma, natural disasters, and others. Their training allows them to be useful in situations where medical assistance is needed, as well. Some PTSD dogs are trained to recognize repetitive behaviours in handlers, and signal the handler to break the repetition and stopping the behaviour and possibly injury. 

Service dogs in general are just awesome. Remember to respect any that you see out in public. They are not there for you to walk up to and play with, even the puppies!

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